We at Express Painters Decorators offer varnishing services to protect your wooden floors or furniture for years to come and give them a new and fresh look to your old wooden stuff.

We promise to give a natural wooden look to the floor of your home. When you decide to give a stylish look to your floor the only thing you need to do is to send us a query, then our experts will contact you and assist you to make the important decisions of choosing the color, the material, the durability required depending of the functionality of the room and environment friendly options.

Then the vanishing process starts within three steps.

  1. The floor is cleaned completely to get rid of all the dirt and dust and then we mop the floor carefully to remove the remaining dirt and grit.
  2. By using a buffing machine we remove all the scratch marks and shine up the floor.
  3. After assuring the floor is spotless we seal the floor depending on type of the wood and the usage of the room.

The process is done with professional personnel and we are proud to guarantee to finish the job within agreed period. After healing the damaged floor and applying vanishing oil, your elegant floor gets dried within 2-4 hours although you need to avoid getting the floor wet within next 12-72 hours until the floor is completely dry.